“LILYA TURUSBEKOVA – DIRECTOR AND PERSONALITY” is the name of the photo exhibition at the G. Aitiev State Museum of Fine Arts. It will last from May 25 until June 11, 2023.

Opening will be held on May 25 at 15:00, admission is free.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of one of the first professional cinematographers in Kyrgyzstan – Lilya Turusbekova. The exposition in the museum was organized within the framework of program related to this date by Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, and was prepared by the director’s family.

For 36 years of work in the field of documentary films, Lilya Turusbekova has created a chronicle of the life of her country. Her filmography includes about 100 films: 32 documentaries, including 4 full-length films, at least 65 issues of the film magazine “Soviet Kyrgyzstan”. Lilya Jusupovna was the editor of films of her colleagues, and was a member of the creative review committee of the film studio.

During the period of active creative activity of the director in the country, it was customary to show a chronicle of important events in the country before the start of each screening of a feature film in cinemas. Сinema attendance was very high. Оne may state that the newsreel-documentary footage shot by director Lilya Turusbekova was watched by a very large number of viewers.

Over time, the chronicle of the life of the country over the years attracts more and more attention of the modern viewer who wants to imagine the images of the past. Moreover, Lilya Turusbekova captured in her films such masters of art as Baken Kydykeeva, Muratbek Ryskulov, Myskal Omurkanova, ethnographer Claudia Antipina. The viewer can see Sayakbai Karalaev, Chyngyz Aitmatov, Bibisara Beishenalieva, Aisuluu Tokombaeva and many other people dear to us. The cinemagowers can get acquainted through her documentaries with ordinary people – teachers, factory workers, students of the 60-80s, villagers.

The KYRGYZFILM film studio has digitized most of the films of Lily Turusbekova, and they will be available on YouTube.

Director GANI KUDAIBERGEN shot a documentary film about Lila Turusbekova at the KYRGYZFILM studio, which premiered at the opening of the V Film Forum of Women Directors of Kyrgyzstan. This annual event is organized by the Asian Creative Women’s Foundation headed by Asel Juraeva. In addition, at the film forum 2 short films by Lily Turusbekova were shown, which were warmly received by the forum participants.

The exhibition in the museum will feature photographs from the family archive, the Archive of Film and Photo Documents of Kyrgyzstan, and film frames from the director’s films.


We are waiting for you at the exhibition!

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