I have two stories of the birth of the idea of the Fund, both true.

The first story:

My German acquaintance Peter, having a cute European international family, French wife, once shared with me that his daughter, a student of the medical University, went as a volunteer to the foreign country, the name of which I do not want to disclose, for example, in a country N, to work with children. Country N. is extremely poor, especially after numerous revolutions. Peter with his wife went to visit their daughter and returned home full of contradictory impressions. Some parents in the country do not give their children the names simply because the registration of the name costs some money. As for the development of their children, these parents are not very concerned about it. Children grow and respond when addressed to the names like «big red boy» or «sister of tall fellow». When they come to school, they need to be taught to respond to their real names. This story shocked me.

I thought given that the level of education of our children has plummeted, and if this continues, there may come a time when our children would not know their name. Could such a thing happen in the near future to our children? This horrified me!

Can I quietly contemplate how this happens? We have to act. At that moment I thought about the Foundation.

The second story:

Our citizens work now in many different countries. They go there, work and learn in the host country the location of markets, underground passes, communicate not necessarily with the most educated public and not necessarily the friendly part of local society (not sure about this, it is probably the friendly society that they do communicate). What will they bring back to their homeland, what will the future offer them and their children? However in each country there is something to learn both in cultural and educational aspects and just in humane – one can get great new friends. You can fall in love with and learn to accept the best that there is in the country, which characterizes the place. One cannot believe that some scum bum, who used offensive language to address one on the street, represents the spiritual culture of its people.

I thought I can invite to Russia, a country where the culture is very familiar to me, to Moscow, which I know very well, a guest from my homeland and show them the Kremlin, Red square, Bolshoi Theatre, museums and concert halls, and more. And if this guest is a caring teacher, who will pass my impressions on to the children? It turned out, however, that in order to implement this idea, one needs to find a teacher, to organize the process, give it the time and put effort to find the funds. It became clear that this requires organization and a person who will help me to carry out the plan. The need for Foundation appeared.

The idea sparked other ideas. And the Foundation became a necessity.


I was lucky: my parents – my father, Sanjarbek Bakirovich Daniyarov, and my mother, Turusbekova Lilya Jusupovna, were the type of people who by their lifestyle naturally served the tasks which the Foundation has.

Lilya Turusbekova & Sanjarbek Daniyarov
Lilya Turusbekova & Sanjarbek Daniyarov

So I asked for a «blessing» of the Foundation from my dad, he was still alive at that time and this allowed me and my loved ones to act on his behalf. It was in December 2010. At that time Sanjarbek Daniyarov was registered. The first projects were «Friends’ Library» and «The First Teacher».






Further history is the history of our projects. Each of them can be found on the dedicated website page. Here are stories about our Laureates of Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award. Of course our history is being implemented with the help of our Friends and Volunteers.

The Foundation history continues.

Asel Daniyarova

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