Данияров Санжарбек Бакирович. 1942
Данияров Санжарбек Бакирович. 1942

Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation was created to facilitate the flourishing of culture and education in the country; to care about people’s health; to help save nature and to enhance the value of these categories in the eyes of our people for the construction of a worthy living space both in the natural and in the urban environment.

We believe that education and culture, healthy people and a healthy environment are necessary conditions for building a happy society with happy citizens. A rolling stone gathers no moss – each of us can make a feasible contribution to our present and our future.

To believe in good, it is necessary to start doing it! To believe in justice, it is necessary to follow the principles of justice. To distinguish kindness and justice from evil and injustice one has to be able to think independently. Education, high culture – these are the keys to independent thinking and, hence, to our prosperity, and the happiness of our children. Economic and material welfare is important for most people, but they also come from efficient working and professionalism, which are based on the knowledge and skills to use them as an instrument to achieve happiness and not as an end in itself.

Education and high culture do not come to our society and to our children from space, while we are busy with something else. We welcome your participation in our projects and are open to your suggestions.

In practical terms, the Foundation sees its role in the implementation of specific projects in accordance with the mission, including initiatives proposed by you and accepted by the Foundation both modest in scope and those requiring great effort.

Those who actively participate in the realization of the projects on their own initiative, once or repeatedly, we call Volunteers of the Foundation.

Those who provided help tangible or intangible support to the Foundation, once or repeatedly, we call Friends of the Foundation.


Асел Даниярова

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