Our site contains information about all activities of the Foundation. All projects handled by the Foundation within the scope of the four areas: education, culture, health and the environment. Each current project devoted to a single topic or several topics, including its description, news, information about the issue that the project works on. In order to make it easier to find the heading to read more about the project below is the list of ACTIVE PROJECTS.

(About our new projects that are planned or conceived, please read in the publication “New projects”).

“THE FIRST TEACHER” project – contest for teachers of primary classes of rural schools of Kyrgyzstan started in 2011 and continues to this day. The Foundation plans to continue it permanently. The main awards are the following: 1) the Foundation award – a 10-days cultural and educational trip of teachers to Moscow, 2) Special Prize – cultural and educational trip of students of 3 teachers-winners classes to Bishkek.

There is a dedicated section to THE FIRST TEACHER project. The section introduces the essence of the project, contest diary, lessons learned, travelling stories. The travel photos from the contest can be viewed in the photo GALLERY. Laureate’s feedback is placed in the category LAUREATES.


Радик и Аллан – лауреаты Премии Фонда

The “YOUNG SCIENTIST-MEDIC” project. Foundation started this project n in 2012 and continues to this day. The idea of the project is in supporting the future cream of medical science by the Foundation award – a 10-days cultural and educational trip of young scientists contest winners to Moscow. About the winners and their journeys, you can read in dedicated to the project category “YOUNG SCIENTIST-MEDIC”. As in the case with the project “THE FIRST TEACHER”, photo travel and PHOTO reports from the competition can be viewed in the photo GALLERY, and reviews of the winners placed in the category LAUREATES.


“THE YEAR 1916” project is designed to collect, collate, analyze and publish documents, articles, books about the dramatic events of 1916. The goal is to make information available to those interested to provide the true and complete picture of events. Work on this project continues. On the website heading devoted to this topic are (currently available only in Russian due to the large number of Russian documents):

  • “THE YEAR 1916”, which in turn is divided into “the Chronicle of 1916” – the description of the events that took place exactly 100 years ago (the category was filled in 2016) – day after day in order – and “Articles about the year 1916” on certain issues of major importance, in particular, on the role of foreign factor in the events, the views of some participants, for example, captain Zheleznyakov, on the Governor Gippius and others.
  • “AFTER 1916” – documents and articles about the time that is not less dramatic than 1916, the consequences of this drama and its resolution.
  • “ARCHIVE 1916” – here are scanned copies of primary documents and published collected articles. Currently, the Foundation is working on creation of a database of documents of 1916 with their inventory. This database will be placed in the indicated category and available to all who are working on the topic.

The project “HISTORY OF MY REGION”. The idea is that children and adults communicate more with each other to not only address practical issues but also talk about notional topic. Children are supposed to learn more about their families, about their land, and at the same time to collect local history information. The project information is in the category, which is called “the History of my village”. In the frame of this project, there was essay contest of students about the history of their village. In this work, the children composed the genealogy tree of their family. The competition was held once in 2013-14 in the Kemin district. The Foundation plans to continue the project in different forms and broader territory coverage.  We will keep the visitors and friends of the Foundation informed about new events.

The project “THE KYRGYZSTAN PERSONALITIES” is dedicated to the wonderful people, each one has special separate headings: SANJARBEK DANIYAROV, LILYA TURUSBEKOVA, and JUSUP TURUSBEKOV. The number of headings will rise; the Foundation will add more information on the site about these and other personalities. The project consists of three parts: 1) publication on the website the information about personality, his or her work, the works, 2) if possible, makes these works available not only electronically, but also printed, 3) together with cultural and educational, scientific and institutions the Foundation participates in the organization of round tables or conferences dedicated to the people – the heroes of headings, thereby to perpetuate their memory and the disseminate  information on those who are impossible to forget. This project focuses on those who are called enlighteners, ascetics of education and culture of the 20th century.


The project “PERSONALITY AND THE ERA”. The objective of this project is to tell about someone who has earned the respect of the people by their actions, whether it is a very well known person or did not achieve wide fame. This section is about spiritual values and the people who shaped them. They did not stay aside from the major concerns of his contemporaries, but while addressing the issues of their time, they stepped out of their time to us. Those who lived and worked in Kyrgyzstan and beyond. Section will be replenished with new materials.

The project “THE LIBRARY OF FRIENDS”. This is a modest but important to Foundation project, which began with the work of the Foundation in late 2010. The Foundation collects books for a library school in the village of Kaiyndy in Kemin district of Chui region of Kyrgyzstan. This project has no end. Look forward to your participation, you can read about it here: “Friends’ library”.


This website headlines dedicated not only to acting projects. There are those that illuminate the information and opinions relating to areas of life in which the Foundation conducts or plans for new projects aimed at supporting education, preserving historical memory, the development of culture and education, care of the person and the environment. For example, the category “CULTURAL LIFE” conceived as a kind of journal about the cultural life of Kyrgyzstan.

About our new projects that are planned or conceived, please read in the publication “New projects”.

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