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Dear teachers and all visitors of the site who are interested in projects in the field of education!

For more than a month now, I have not been sharing with you news on the activities of the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation related to education system, although there were many events in this period.

I think it is understandable. Indeed, in July of this year, for 20 days, I was busy with four laureates of the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation – the winners of 10-day cultural and educational trip to Moscow. I spent ten days with two winners of the 8th and 9th “THE FIRST TEACHER” contest followed by 10 days with two more laureates – the winner of the 10th “THE FIRST TEACHER” contest and the winner Days of Science of Kyrgyz Medical Academy. Foundation presents the annual award to a young medical scientis for 10th time, which is the same as to a rural primary school teacher.

  1. In the near future I plan to publish a report about these July 10-day trips of the laureates.
  2. As for the trips of the laureates’ students to Bishkek, I have already published reports on two excursions in May-June 2022 on the website. They were students of five grades from different parts of Kyrgyzstan, and students of four grades from different regions of the country will come to Bishkek. These are three classes of the winners of the last 10th competition and one class of the teacher-winner of the 9th competition. Now I am preparing the next cultural and educational trip of schoolchildren to Bishkek for the weekend. I will definitely keep you all up to date.
  3. In addition, I know that many teachers are waiting for the announcement of a next – 11th “THE FIRST TEACHER” contest and the publication of Regulation of “THE FIRST TEACHER” which includes the theme of the essay of the year. This I will announce soon on our site, and I will definitely send a link to the teachers’ chats.
  4. I did not forget about my “duty” – publication of long waited news about the “SIGN OF RESPECT”, an award to teachers. Unfortunately, the decision-making process on the submitted candidates took longer than I expected, but I really hope that you will treat this with understanding, as this time was spent on projects related to teachers and doctors. I will write individually to each candidate for the award and publish a report about the awards on the website.

I would like to note that the Foundation continues publishing reviews of the collection of paintings of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after G.Aitiev written by the art critic Gamal Bokonbayev. We have almost completed the publication of reviews dedicated to the work of everyone’s beloved Suymenkul Chokmorov and are moving on to other artists represented in the collection of the National Museum.

Of course, the Foundation will continue to publish in other headings not directly related to the topic of education, for example, on the history of 1916, events after 1916, as well as categories dedicated to the personalities of Kyrgyzstan.

Some of those who read this newsletter are participants in the chats in which I announce new publications. These are WhatsApp chats: 

In Kyrgyz – Birinchi mugalim 2019, Birinchi mugalim 2020, Birinchi mugalim 2021, in Russian – Pervy uchitel 2021.

Those who wish can subscribe to the telegram channels: in Kyrgyz “Санжарбек Данияровдун коомдук фонду”  and in Russian “Фонд Санжарбека Даниярова”.

You can write messages with your wishes and criticism in the “Comments” column on the website, in telegram channels and in chat rooms, as well as by phone: +996 707 783295 (the number is only for correspondence, messages, photos. Not for calls).

With respect
Asel Daniyarova

Asel Daniyarova

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