This year we hold our competition for the eighth time! This means that since the first competition in 2011, 7 teachers have already benefited from the Foundation’s Award – a 10-day cultural and educational trip to Moscow. You can read about their travels on the pages of our website and see the photo reports in the photo gallery. It also means that 14 more teachers were finalists of the competition, of which 12 took advantage of a Special Prize established in 2015 – a cultural and educational trip of the whole class to Bishkek for the weekend and this is 12 classes from different parts of Kyrgyzstan, about 300 students. Who reached the final this time?

The theme of the 2019 contest, by the way, is about children travelling..

2011 the first round finalists

2013 the first round finalists

2014 the first round finalists

2015 the first round finalists

2016 the first round finalists

2017 the first round finalists

2018 the first round finalists

This year, we received 79 teachers’ works. After checking submitted essays for the absence of plagiarism and for compliance with the conditions of the competition set out in the regulations on the COMPETITION 2018, we accepted 55 works to the competition.

The theme of the essay in the first round of this year’s competition is: “THE EXCITING JOURNEY.” In particular: your school is going a group of elementary school students from urban schools. You are supposed to receive guests. Your description and program of cultural and educational trip.

I believe that the work on this topic is able to give impetus to new ideas on how to promote the organization of travel of schoolchildren in our country, the exchange of trips between schools.

10 members of the jury participated in the review of 55 essays, all of them are professionals of the education system. Members of the jury were not able to see the names, addresses and place of work. Each work was assigned a number-code, and in coded form the works were submitted for evaluation to the jury. Then the sum of points for each composition was calculated and only after that, we revealed the names of the participants. Each essay was checked by seven jury members on a 5-point system according to six criteria. Thus, the highest rating that can get a participant from one member of the jury totaled 30 points (6×5=30), the maximum score for each criterion from 7-and inspection – 35 points (7×5=35), and in General the maximum amount of points one participant amounted to 210 points (that is 6 x 5 x 7 = 210).

This year in our competition, the highest result received the participant, who got 194 points out of 210 possible. In accordance with the terms of the competition, six participants who scored the highest points reached the final, this year – from 184 to 194 points. We are pleased to share the names of the finalists:

The 1st place was shared by two teachers who scored an equal number of points:

  • Abdyldaeva Cholpon Tilekovna of the school №23 named after Sayakbay Karalaev, Ak-Olon village, Ton district, Issyk-Kul region, work experience – 8 years
  • Butashova Aida Malabekovna, teacher of school named after Ashimbek Kapalov Yntymak village of Bakay-Ata district, Talas region, and work experience – 14 years 3rd place:
  • Suranchieva Farida Kenjealievna, teacher of school named after Akchal uulu Duishen the village of Ak-Dobo Bakay-Ata district, Talas region, work experience – 4 years

4th place:

  • Isakova Nurzhan Shamuratovna, teacher of school №31им. Y. Chanakov, the village of Kyzyl Sengir the Suzak district of the Jalal-Abad region, work experience of 33 years

5th place was shared by 2 teachers who scored an equal number of points:

  • Bekkul kyzy Nurjan, a teacher at school named after Utur Kaliev, Cholpon village, Aksu district, Issyk-Kul region, experience-27 years
  • Rakhmatova Aspira Karybekovna, teacher of school named after Akimbekov Mamat, the village of Kara-Buura, Kara-Buura district, Talas oblast, work experience – 24 years.

We heartily congratulate the teachers on reaching the final of the first round and look forward to an interesting competition of 6 teachers in the second round for 3 prizes!

Interestingly, two teachers Suranchieva Farida Kenjalievna and Bekkul kyzy Nurjan participate this year again in our contest, and Farida Kenjealievna was already a first round finalist and even the winner of the second round, finishing in third place in the contest of 2018!

11 of the 55 participants took part in the 2019 competition for the second or even third time< and one of those participated for the 4th time.

As for the geographical distribution of participants, below is the data:

Issyk-Kul Chui Talas Jalal-Abad Naryn Osh Batken Total
27 10 7 5 3 2 1 55

Thus, of the 27 Issyk-Kul participants – 18 from Aksu, and from 10 Talas – 8 of Bakay-Ata. It is not difficult to explain. This is all about informing teachers about the competition. Many teachers are still unaware of the existence of the competition, although the Foundation has held it since 2011. In order for the teachers learned about opportunities to participate and win Award, I regularly send out individual letters to each head 40 Regional Educational administration about the competition and results, as well as to some heads of schools (those who use e-mail, unfortunately, there are very few). At the announcement of a new contest information actively inform the teachers of her district the methodolist of Aksuu regional Department of education Osmonbaeva Nazir Seitkazieva (read about it at: here) and the head of the District of Bakai-Ata Dooronbekov Marat Dooronbekovich (on his part we wrote on the website here). We will be glad if in other areas the management and methodologists will actively inform their primary school teachers, giving them the opportunity to participate and win.

So September 14, 2019 will be the 2nd round of the competition and the awards Ceremony. The program will be published on our website in advance. We will be glad to see as guests all comers-teachers, employees of the education system, parents, just interested in the situation in the schools of the country.

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