The ninth “THE FIRST TEACHER” contest of primary school teachers of rural schools of the Kyrgyz Republic continues! The first round of the competition in 2020 has been completed. I would like to share with its results. Who will compete in the second round for the prize, and which of the participants will go to the category of fans and observers?

As a reminder, the first-place teacher receives two awards: the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award for a 10-day cultural and educational trip to Moscow, and the Foundation’s Special Prize for a cultural and educational excursion with her/his entire class to Bishkek for the weekend. This Special prize is also awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place teachers


This year, a total of 93 essays were submitted for the competition. After checking the received waorks for the absence of plagiarism and for compliance with the competition conditions set out in the  REGULATIONS ON THE CONTEST 2020 (KYRGYZ LANG), 56 essays were accepted for participation in the competition.

The first round of the competition as usual was writing the essay. The 2020 theme – “MY LOCAL HISTORY MUSEUM” – was very highly rated by the participants according to their reviews: Many wrote that in reality they plan to create such a Museum together with students and fellow villagers, and there are those who have already taken the first steps towards its implementation.

11 members of the jury participated in the review of 56 essays, all of them experts in the education system, and four of them were winners of previous “THE FIRST TEACHER” contests. After all, the FACE OF THE COMPETITION IS ITS JURY.  As always in our competition, the jury members received the essays in encoded form and were not able to see the last names, first names, addresses and place of work. Each essay was checked by 7 members of the jury on a 5-point system based on 6 criteria. Thus, the highest score that a participant could get was 210 points (i.e. 7 x 5 x 6 = 210 points).

This year in our competition, the highest result was 201 points out of 210 possible. In accordance with the terms of the competition, 6 participants with the highest scores were supposed to enter the final, but since two participants received an equal number of points, 7 people with 188 to 201 points entered the final.


1st place:


Suranchieva Farida Kenjealievna,
school named after Achal uulu Dyshon in  the village of Ar-Dobo, Bakay-Ata district, Talas region, work experience – 4 years
  Just note the impressive fact: Farida Kenjealievna took part in the competition for the 3rd time, finishing in the final of the 2018 3rd place, and in the final 2019 2 place!
2nd place Dushenbaeva Svetlana Aerikovna,
school named after Nurlan Rakhmanov, village Chon-Jar, Sokuluk district, Chui region(two second places, as two participants scored an equal number of points)
2nd place Kydykova Gulnar Jumakadyrova,
school-gymnasium named after M. Mamakeev of the Teploklyuchenka village, the Aksu district, Issyk-Kul region(two second places, as two participants scored an equal number of points)
4th place: Uzakova Umut Kurmanbekovna,
school №21 named after K. Karachev, Sary-Dobo village, Tyup district, Issyk-Kul region
5th place: Bektashova Janara Bektashovna,
school named after T.Moydunov, Kazarman village, Toguz-Toro district, Jalal-Abad region
6th place: Mamatisaeva Aiym Akilaevna,
school-gymnasium №86 named after Kurmanjan Datka, Mady village, Karasu district, Osh region(two 6th places, as two participants scored an equal number of points)
6th place:


Omurova Jyldyz Raisovna,
school named after Utur Kaliev, Cholpon village, Ak-Suu disctrict, Issyk-Kul regions(two 6th places, as two participants scored an equal number of points)


We sincerely congratulate the teachers on reaching the final of the first round and look forward to an interesting competition 6 teachers in the second round for 3 prizes!

In total, out of 56 works, 12 were sent by participants who took part in our contest earlier, including one of the participants who sent works for the 5th time.

By region the layout is as follows:

Ysyk-Kol Osh Talas Chuy Jalal-Abad Naryn Batken total

Ysyk-Kol Osh Talas Chuy Jalal-Abad Naryn Batken Total
25 13 5 5 4 4 0 56

It is a pleasure to note that Issyk-Kul residents take an active part in the competition every year, and I will be happy to see them actively participate in the future. We are particularly pleased to note the growing participation of teachers in the Osh region. I hope that Batken will participate in 2021, because we already have a winner from Batken.

I am waiting for all participants-56 teachers as participants and guests of the 2nd round and the award Ceremony! According to the” REGULATIONS on the COMPETITION 2020″, the 2nd round was scheduled for September 5 or 12, 2020 (Saturday). However, due to restrictions on events due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the date of our meeting has been postponed.

I would like to note that I do not plan to organize an event online, but prefer to wait for the restrictions to be lifted. Modern communication technologies are very useful and convenient as an assistant, but they will not replace our live communication!

The date of the event will be announced on this site. And, of course, the Program will be published in advance, as always. Usually, the 2nd round was very lively and interesting, this was to great extent due to our Special guests of Honor. Such guests were:

Turusbek Madylbay, writer who speaks 30+ languages, winner of international awards


Rosa Torokulova Aitmatova, a physics teacher at a high school, social activist, author of nonfiction books



Bolot Tolonovich Shamshiev, the famous film Director, people’s Artist of the USSR



  Tolondu Toichubaev, the founder of the network of schools of Biliminkana


  Soyuzbek Saliev, pilot who circumnavigated the world on a single-engine plane with the flag of Kyrgyzstan


Who will be the guest of Honor in the 2nd round of the competition and the award Ceremony in 2020?



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