Победители 1 тура слушают вопросы
The 1-st round winners listening to the questions

The new school year came, the students returned from summer vacation, the first-graders sat at their desks for the first time. And our elementary school teachers of Chui oblast have completed participation in the competition for the title of 2015’s FIRST TEACHER.

This year contest began on April 1, 2015, when organizers started collection of essays written by the teachers, willing to participate, on the theme: “HOW TO HABITUATE CHILDREN TO READING IF THERE IS NO BOOKS AT THEIR HOMES”. 19 teachers sent their essays to the contest. Unfortunately, 5 of these turned out to be a plagiarism from sources on the Internet, thus were not handed over to the jury for evaluation in total 14 works meeting participation criteria were forwarded to the Jury for evaluation: 1 in Russian and the other 13 – in Kyrgyz.

It should be mentioned that all of these 14 essays were coded and submitted to the jury WITHOUT PARTICIPANTS NAMES. Only after receipt of all evaluation forms from the jury members with scores based on 5 criteria and counting the total participants points, the authors’ names were revealed. The assessment criteria can be found in the POSITION PAPER of the COMPETITION or EVALUATION FORM #1. The Results of the first round became known by September 1st.

In the FIRST ROUND of the evaluation of the essay CONTEST WINNERS were:

  • Ulanova Natalia Aleksandrovna, the teacher of school №1 of the Nizhnechuisk village of Sokuluk district,
  • Abdrazakova Baktygul Maksutovna, teacher of school in the name of A. Kazakbaev of Chym-Korgon village, Kemin district,
  • Myrzabekova Nagyzgul Adilbekovna, the teacher of school in the name of Jumataev of Erkin Say village, Panfilov district.


THE STUDENTS of the FIRST ROUND WINNERS get one-day excursions to interesting places of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Thus this award is provided to children by teachers who have won in the first round of the competition.

Победитель назван!
The winner is announced!

The winners of the first round participated in the competition for the grand prize: the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation award. The First Teacher-2015, like its predecessors, will go on a 10-DAY CULTURAL & EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO MOSCOW WITH THE BRIGHT AND SATURATED PROGRAM. The village teacher will visit famous museums, art galleries, famous theaters, concert halls, the Moscow Kremlin and other sights of the Russian capital. According to winner’s feedback from previous years, this trip gives an insight into the cultural life of one of the world’s capitals, significantly broadens the mind and gives positive emotions. 

The contest for the main prize took place in the 2nd round of the competition, which was held on September 5th  2015 in the Assembly hall of Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev. The participants presented “homework” – talk on “MY FAVOURITE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN UP TO 10 YEARS”, then answered the questions of the organizing Committee on the topic of reading literature, and also asked each other their own questions. The theme of the contest aroused great interest among the participants, jury and guests, struck up a lively discussion

С дипломами
With diplomas

The winner of the competition became the teacher of school No. 1 of Nizhnechuysk village of Sokuluk district ULANOVA NATALIA ALEKSANDROVNA. She will have a fascinating journey to the ancient city of Moscow. We congratulate the winner and wish her a new success in the education and training of children! By tradition, our website published the profile of the winner Natalia Ulanova. We will also publish here the photo report of the trip.

Interestingly, Natalia will travel together with the winner of the 2013 Akmatkanova Almagul Chotuevna, who was a member of the jury this year and thus, participated in the contest 2015 evaluation. Due to the fact that Almagul Chotuevna delivered the baby in the year of competition, she was unable to use the award in the same year. We hope that two teachers of elementary classes have a lot to discuss during the visit.

All teachers who took part in the 2015 competition got participant Certificate and were invited to the second round as the fans.


Асель Даниярова

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