Again, primary school teachers in rural schools have the opportunity to participate in the competition for the main prize –Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award, cultural and educational trip to one the world centers – Moscow. Travel program is saturated with visits to world famous museums and galleries, attending well-known  theatres, beautiful architectural attractions.

What this contest is about? You can read about it in the Project Description. In the 1st round teachers write essays, and then in the 2nd round those who took the first 3 places – the winners of the first round participate in the open contest with presentation and questions and answers.

  • Бактыгуль Калмамбетова 2011
    Baktygul Kalmabetova 2011
    The essay topic in 2015: “How to teach the reading of literature of children whose homes had no books.”
  • The theme of the oral presentation in the second round: “My favorite books for children up to 10 years.”
  • If you are a teacher and interested in participation or want to recommend it to your friends-teachers, we recommend that you download the Contest Rules 2015, as well as the Application form and CV form.

The organizing Committee accepts works submitted till 30 Jul 2015. Stages of the competition described in the Contest Calendar 2015

The contest “the FIRST TEACHER” of 2015 is held for the 4th time. The teachers invited from the rural schools of Chui region of the Kyrgyz Republic, as in the last year. The Foundation plans to expand the geography of competition all over the country in the future.

Алмагуль Акматканова 2013
Almagul Akmatkanova 2013

Essays themes of past contests:

  • The 2011 theme: “What have I learned from my students?”
  • The 2013 theme: “The Teacher as an ally of parents in the upbringing of children”
  • 2014 theme: “The first Grader through the eyes of a teacher: child, pupil, apprentice?”

We are happy to introduce the winners of previous contests. They are invited to join the jury or come as the guests of


  • 2011 Baktygul Kalmambetova, the teacher from Shabdan school, Kemin district, currently the Director of the school of “Bilimkana” in Shabdan village, Kemin district
  • 2013 Almagul Akmatkanova, the teacher from Shabdan school, Kemin district
  • 2014 Elina Lim, the teacher from school named after V. I. Lenin, of the Lenin village, Alamudun district, Chui region
Элина Лим 2014
Elina Lim 2014

According to participants, the contest is very interesting for them. We will be glad if you share the information about it with those of your acquaintances who are the elementary

school teachers working in rural areas to enable them to participate in the contest.

Looking forward to seeing you in the second round of the competition in 2015 “the FIRST TEACHER” Chui region as guests. Stay tuned!

Asel Daniyarova

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