This is a continuation of the story about  the cultural and educational journey held in August 2022 to Bishkek. Participants are the children – students of the winners of the FIRST TEACHER competition: 2022. OUR FOUNDATION WELCOMES THE AWARD-WINNING TEACHERS AND STUDENTS TO BISHKEK AGAIN!  WELCOME TO AT-BASHY, SUZAK, AK-SUU AND BAKAI-ATA!

Travel photo album: 2022. PHOTO REPORT: WELCOME TO AT-BASHI, SUZAK, AK-SUU AND BAKAI-ATA! THE THIRD EXCURSION IN 2022  (in the process of downloading)

Usually, all these years, being the founder, director and executor of the Foundation’s projects, I do all the work on organizing and holding events myself. As you have probably already read, this summer 258 children, 9 teachers and 20 parents took part in a trip to Bishkek (for three trips), a total of 287 people. This is in addition to the 10-day trips of the four winners to Moscow held during the same period.

I wouldn’t have been able to implement all this if it wasn’t for the support of people. I hope my story about the help and support will inspire you to noble deeds!

We were very lucky: ERIC VILDANOVICH LATYPOV, director of the Ch. Bazarbayev BHU, instantly responded to our request to provide a hostel during the holidays to our little travelers! The overnight stay for two nights was provided FREE OF CHARGE. The staff’s attitude was very nice and attentive. Everything was ready for the arrival of our children.

Our children were met and helped to accommodate by the deputy director of BHU ZALKAR KYDYKOV.

On the one hand, we met Zalkar during a previous children’s excursion in June, when he responded to the foundation’s announcement about finding volunteers and helped us wonderfully as a guide. And on the other hand, now he represented our hospitable hosts – the staff of the BHU, as responsible for the reception at the BHU, supervised the placement of children, catering. We also thank UMURALIEVA SYIDAGUL, a mentor in the BHU dormitory, for her friendliness and attention to children.

Inside the city of Bishkek, we traveled on two large buses with a capacity of 53 people and two minibuses designed for 16 passengers. These buses were provided to us FREE OF CHARGE by the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM). We turned to the rector of the IHSM, Professor STALBEK AKHUNBAEV, and he supported us! It is difficult to express in words how valuable such significant help and support is to us! I would like to note that the bus drivers Akyl, Marat, Ulan under the leadership of the senior of the group – Taalai – were helpful and accurate.

In our mountainous country, it is not so easy to organize transport to bring children to Bishkek from different parts. This probably makes a trip to Bishkek especially valuable. Therefore, the preparation begins with the search for minibuses to bring children to the capital. Usually each class needs two minibuses. The large buses may not get through the mountain passes. Drivers from Suzak, Talas, Naryn, Issyk-Kul were attentive and organized.

Once again I want to thank the MAIN DIRECTORATE FOR ROAD SAFETY OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC. We were provided with escort during the passage of children from the Suzak district, At-Bashy, Ak-Suu and Bakay-Ata districts to Bishkek and back, as well as inside Bishkek city. In general, Senior Lieutenant AITBAYEV MAKSAT was assigned to answer for the support of our trip by the head SHERGAZIEV UZAKBEK. Everything went properly.

Traffic police officers passed the baton to each other, a large number of employees were involved during the tour, for example, 12 traffic police cars were changed on the way from the Cholpon village of Aksuu region to Bishkek, and even more in other regions! At the same time, the staff were invariably polite and attentive. On top of that happy the children participating in the tour were so happy with this attention!

Upon returning home, the participants informed us that they had arrived perfectly, a clear traffic police escort was provided everywhere (except for a hitch in the Naryn region).

The Historical Museum gave us the opportunity to use the services of three guides under the guidance of OMURBEK SAMUDINOV. At the same time, we were able to purchase tickets at a discounted price, and we thank director BAKASHEVA JYLDYZ for this opportunity.

During the tour, the children were accompanied by volunteers, whose role was to tell the children about the city, about the sights, lead a discussion, answer questions, and also help teachers and parents monitor the children. Our voluntary assistants this time were the teacher of the Kyrgyz language and literature of school No. 27 of Bishkek KUBANYCH KYZY KALIYA, students of the Faculty of Economics of KRSU – AIBERMET BEKENOVA and ALINA OROZALIEVA, who were recommended to me by associate Professor Asel Abdybekovna Zhumakova. I am glad that we have teachers like Kalia and students like Aibermet and Alina in our country – responsible, well-mannered and ready to help our teachers and children selflessly!

The tour was filmed by BAKHTIAR TOKTOSUNOV, who is not for the first time voluntarily helping our Foundation. He filmed both the competition itself and previous excursions.

Now Bakhtiar is preparing a video about this journey of children. We will definitely post it here on the website.

We thank the director of the BILIMKANA American School, TATIANA PETROVNA PAK, for organizing an excursion to the Bilimkana school. Tatiana Petrovna Tatyana Petrovna organized high school students, who gladly talked about their school and took the guests around the building, showed the classes with huge windows with views from the classroom to the corridor, the gym.

For the umpteenth time – since 2017 we have been ordering a performance at the Musa Jangaziev Puppet Theater, administrator KUBATALIEVA ZAMIRA TOKTOGULOVNA invariably pays great attention to our wishes. For example, with her support, the Musa Jangaziev Puppet Theater met us halfway and showed a performance on Monday, which is usually a day off for artists!

The excursion to the Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abdylas  Maldybaev was helped by Deputy General Director ELENA SMIRNOVA. This is the second time Elena Sminova helped us organize the excursion.

AIGUL SHERKAZIEVA, the administrator of the theater, helped to conduct the tour of our little travellers in the state language.


And finally, I want to mention the wonderful service in the BUFFET canteen network, we are celebrating this not for the first time! Clean, tidy, attention to customers, spacious rooms that allow you to accommodate a large group of visitors. Thanks to the managers KUMARJAN KONUSHBAEVA and SALIMA LOBA.

As in the course of previous trip this summer we were well fed and well served in the cafe-dining room at Bilimkana American School. Just like last time, the head of the dining room KANJEBAYEVA ASEL was very attentive to the guests, provided everything in advance and made an excellent choice of the menu that the children liked.



Teachers of which regions will become winners and will go on a 10-day cultural and educational trip to one of the cost centers of the world? Who will win the opportunity to bring their students on a cultural and educational trip to Bishkek? In the near future we will find out!

If you were interested in learning about this excursion, share the information with teachers and education system workers from among friends and buddies. And they will “pass along the chain” to familiar primary school teachers.

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