Every year, three primary school teachers from different parts of our country with their entire class on a weekend trip to Bishkek. This is our foundation’s award to the winners of the annual FIRST TEACHER competition. Children, teachers, and representatives of the parent committee get acquainted with theaters, museums, parks and other attractions of Bishkek. I publish a report about each trip in this section.

This year, first two classes arrived on August 25-27 from the Osh and Issyk-Kul regions, there is already a report about this, published on the latest trail: “2023. …FROM KARA-KULJA AND KARA-TALAA… TO BISHKEK”

As for the students of teacher Turganbaeva Gulumkan Abytalypovna, who took first place this year, they arrived separately – September 22-24. Below is a story about this trip.



The fact is that Gulumkan Abytalypovna became a prize-winner for the second time, last year (10th competition) she won 2nd place, and this year (11th competition) – 1st place. Therefore, her students – children from the Oy-Tersken school, the village of Acha-Kayyndy, At-Bashi district of the Naryn region – had already visited Bishkek and were looking forward to a new trip. And I decided to prepare a new program for them, not similar to the one we had last year. (Here is a story about last year’s trip: 2022. Our Foundation welcomes At-Bashy, Suzak, Ak-Suu and Bakai-Ata!

I am pleased to share with you a story about a new journey of students from the Oy-Tersken school with their teacher!


Our tourists with a teacher and two parents were accommodated in a boarding school at the Bishkek Choreographic School. This educational institution is located in the very center of Bishkek, which was very convenient for our program. The schoolchildren arrived on Friday evening, had dinner and went to bed, so that in the morning after breakfast, rested and fresh, they could set off for new experiences. Volunteer Bakhtiyar Toktosunov, an old friend and just a good person who knows how to talk to children, helped me meet and see off the children and communicate with them during the excursion.

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Cartoons based on legends and discussion.

The day began with a screening and discussion of two new cartoons based on Kyrgyz legends, filmed by order of the Aigine Cultural Center and shown to our children the day before the official premiere. Our volunteer assistants in this event, Cholponai Usubalieva-Grischuk and Shaakan Toktogul, participated in the creation of these cartoons and the collection of legends. They made the discussion lively and engaging. And the children were very active in answering questions, expressing their opinions, and for successful answers, Cholponai and Shaakan gave them books related to the topic of collecting folk legends. The event took place at the Seitek children’s center, which has a well-equipped hall with a large LED screen.

Through Old Square to the M.V. Frunze Museum

From “Seytek” the children walked on foot through Old Square to the Frunze Museum

Here, experienced guide Damira Ikramovna Stamkulova was already waiting for travelers to show them a turn-of-the-century house inside the museum building (which I consider unique and interesting), a cart and other attributes of the turbulent events of the early 20th century.

Japanese BON Festival

Then we went to Youth Alley, where the Japanese Bon festival was taking place that day. Here the BUBLIK coffee shop brought us sandwiches in the form of bagels with various fillings, popular in Bishkek.

The festival began with the Japanese drum show “Ooedo Daiko” in the open air. It involves drum lovers, mostly young people. Ooedo Daiko’s show is cheerful and uplifting. Our travelers clearly enjoyed it.

The festival continued with traditional Japanese dances; spectators could follow the movements of the performers on stage and dance along with others.

Alley of Youth and sculpture complex “Manas”

We walked to the Philharmonic and discussed with the children the complex of monuments to Manas and the famous manaschi. Here our children showed good knowledge of Kyrgyz folklore! As I have already written many times, over the years of the competition’s existence, during my travels I have observed many times that our children from the regions, very active, agile, easily get involved in the game, willingly participate in performances, dancing, singing, and do it in a friendly, harmonious manner.

Meanwhile, lunch time came, we went to a pizzeria for lunch. As you know, children love pizza.

Performance “Naiman-ene” at the Baken Kydykeeva Theater

It’s time to relax a little, there are a lot of impressions! The children went to the BHU boarding school, where they rested a little and with fresh strength went to the premiere of the play “Naiman Ene” at the Youth Theater named after Baken Kydykeeva. The performance is based on the legend in Chyngyz Aitmatov’s novel “And the day lasts longer than a century.” The play was staged inin a modern conventional manner, but the children looked attentively and tried to understand the plot and action. They were greatly impressed by the fact that the leading actor turned out to be a graduate of the Oy-Tersken school!


Excursion to Bishkek railway station

The next day, Sunday, after breakfast, the children went on an excursion to the railway station, looked at the interior with paintings by Laszlo Meszáros, and heard a story from employee Klara Duishenalieva about how the railway service functions in our country. I noticed that this topic is very interesting for children!

Erkindik Boulevard and outdoor games

Then we repeated last year’s journey along Erkindik Boulevard. It was very funny! The children played “Ak-Terek – Kok-Terek” with passion and enthusiasm, so even the adults – the teacher, the traffic police officer who accompanied us and the volunteer Bakhtiyar Toktosunov supported the children and took part in the game. City children walking on the boulevard and their parents, not without “envy,” watched the lively and cheerful game.

Ala-Too Cinema, Zero Kilometer

Near the Ala-Too cinema, the children took a ride on a tourist train thanks to traffic police officer Adilet.

After lunch at the Buffet cafe, the children went home to Acha-Kayyndy! Good luck!


To be honest, organizing a trip for children in our country is not so easy. And therefore I think this is all the more important and necessary.

Now I want to sincerely thank the management of the Bishkek Choreographic School (BHU) for their invaluable assistance in placing children in the school dormitory. Thanks to director Erik Latypov and deputy director Zalkar Kydykov! Without this help, I would have had nowhere to place the children, and the trip would not have taken place. I would like to note that this is not the first time I have received such help and support; in 2022, our little travelers already spent the night at the BHU.

I thank the leadership of the traffic police and the numerous regional employees who provided accompaniment for the children at all stages of the trip, and did it efficiently, disciplinedly and with soul. Manasbek Arlenovich Sydygaliev (Central State Traffic Inspectorate of the Republic), Durus Jalilov (Central State Traffic Inspectorate of the Kyrgyz Republic), Bolot Elamanov (Naryn), Timur (YK), Miralim Yuldashbaevich (YK), Bakhtiyar Kuseinov (Chuy), Ruslan (Chuy), Bek Tashmatov (Bishkek) , Adilet (Bishkek) – I am very grateful to all of you, unfortunately, not all the names are known to me, and perhaps not all the employees involved are mentioned here.

Thanks to Bakhtiyar Toktosunov, the most wonderful guide who knows how to work with children tirelessly and is always ready to help!

I thank Cholponai Usubalieva-Grischuk and Shaakan Toktogul, who approached the event with interest, creativity, and imagination.

I thank the head of the Bishkek-II railway station, Nurlanbek Barpybekovich Tamaev, for the opportunity to demonstrate the station to children.

I thank Adinay Mambetakunova for her help in meeting the children on the day of arrival.

I thank my sister Gyuzel Aitmatova-Daniarova, who accompanied me during the excursion, gave practical advice, and kept me in a good mood!

I would like to share the difficulties in my journey of organizing travel as a prize for teachers. Of course, I would like to tell you in more detail about those who helped me in organizing the excursion. In order for this publication not to be too long, I will talk about this in a separate report.

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