The Foundation of Sanjarbek Daniyarov held the 5th annual contest of rural primary school teachers the FIRST TEACHER.

Учителя - участники конкурса, члены жюри и почетные гости
The teachers -participants of the contest, jury members and honorable guests

In Kyrgyzstan – 2/3 of the population live in rural areas, i.e. rural residents constitute the majority, and besides, the birth rate in the villages is high, there is a replenishment of the ranks of the citizens from here. In 10-15 years the most active part of the people will be those who are now in elementary school. And who educates them, who gives them an education, who forms the conscience, moral, principles? Undoubtedly, these are the parents and teachers, and first of all -primarily teachers of elementary school.

The Foundation of Sanjarbek Daniyarov every year (now it is the 5th time) organizes the contest of primary school teachers of rural schools called “THE FIRST TEACHER. The award for the winner is a 10-day cultural and educational trip to Moscow. The program is bright and rich. The rural teacher attends famous museums, art galleries, classical ballet, Opera, jazz concert, famous theaters, concert halls, the legendary Yuri Nikulin circus, Moscow Kremlin, riding on a river boat, visiting old estates and parks and other sights of Russia’s capital. As the laureates of previous years shared with us, this trip gave them a charge of positive emotions, significantly expanded the horizons and gave a glimpse of the cultural life of one of the world centers, and allowed them to become acquainted with the works of art, recognized world masterpieces.

In addition, the winner and the participants who took second and third place receive another unusual award. Teachers along with all students in their class participate in a 1-day cultural excursion in the city of Bishkek. Children attend a theatrical performance in the center of Bishkek; make a tour of the monuments of the capital. As it turned out, many of the children were able to see the sights of the city for the first time, and familiarize themselves with the sculpture, to learn what ballet, Opera and drama is.

About the competition 2016

In 2016, the number of essays we received from different regions of the country was 85. We express special thanks to the teacher’s newspaper “KUTBILIM” for placing our announcements all the years of our contest existence. It should be noted that our experience demonstrated that placing ads in this newspaper is the most efficient way of reaching the teachers in Kyrgyzstan.

Of the 85 submitted essays 75 were accepted for the contests and forwarded to the jury:

  • 6 works did not pass the check for plagiarism (sorry!). The organizing Committee has informed these participants that their essays were not accepted, but teachers can take part in the contest the next year, if they write their own text.
  • 3 works were not accepted in the competition, because the authors live in the city and not in rural areas. These teachers have been informed by the letter from Organizing Committee that the essays did not meet the entry criteria.
  • 1 essay was submitted without the application form thus we were not able to find the author.

Thus, teachers from different parts of Kyrgyzstan took part in this contest, from all areas: Naryn oblast – 20, Chui – 15, Osh – 12, Jalalabad – 11, Issyk-Kul – 9, Batken – 4, Talas – 4.

We made anonymous copies of all works by assigning codes and removing authors’ names school address or region and forwarded coded essays to the jury for evaluation. The names were disclosed only after the scoring.

2 round and award Ceremony

The 2nd round of the contest and the awards Ceremony was held on September 10, 2016. The event was held in the grand auditorium of I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University. The 3 winners of the first round were supposed to compete for the first place and the title of the First Teacher, and all the other participants had the opportunity to root for one of the finalists to speak in the debate. The Foundation invited all teachers who participated in the contest, regardless of scores, to attend this event. Of 76 participants at the 2nd round arrived 45 people, some from afar.

The rector of I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University (KSU), Professor Abdyrahmanov Tolobek Abylovich helped us a lot by letting us to conduct event in a Grand Hall of the University and providing the dormitory for some participants who arrived the day before from the far, from southern regions. The rector personally welcomed the audience during the 2nd round. We express our gratitude to Tolobek Abylovich, because the attention of the rector of the pedagogical University is especially valuable to teachers!

The winners

The following teachers took the first three places in the 1st round:

  • Akmatalieva Janyl from the village Kichi-Kemin of Kemin district of Chui region,
  • Joldubaeva Aigul, the teacher of the school named after Lenin in the village of Bakay Ata, Bakay Ata district, Talas region,
  • Primberdieva Sergul, the teacher of school №38 named after Isaeva Jibek, Bulolu village, Alai district, Osh region

Unfortunately Janyl could not come because of illness so did not take part in the competition for the main Prize and the title of the First Teacher, and yet she will not remain unrewarded! The teacher from Kichi Kemin School will get the Award of the 1st round. She as well as her co-winners of the 1st round get cultural and educational trip of all the students of her class to Bishkek

The winner of round 2 was defined – it was Joldubaeva Aigul, who will go to Moscow cultural and educational trip for 10 days. We will share report on this trip on our website.  Congratulations to the winner!

Diplomas to the winners were handed over by The Chairman of the jury Esengulova Mirgul Molutbekovna, associate Professor of the Department of pedagogy KSU named after I. Arabaev, the range of her teaching subjects includes such disciplines as history of pedagogy, pedagogical theories, systems, and technology, ethnopedagogy, management of educational systems.

Interesting guests of the Ceremony

The main topic of the contest was the reading of literature, the teachers were reflecting on how to develop in children the habit of reading.

The audience warmly and welcomed the honorable guest of the Ceremony: Bolotbek Shamshiev, the legendary film Director, the screenwriter, actor, playwright, Honored art worker of the Kirghiz SSR, people’s artist of the Kirghiz SSR, people’s artist of USSR, laureate of the State prize of the USSR, recipient of state awards and the Laureates of international film festivals. Bolotbek Shamshiev shared his views on reading and education of children, answered teachers questions of teachers and then he was photographed together with teachers.

Along with the famous film Director the event was attended by Brontoy Bedyurov – Altai poet, orientalist-Turkologist, writer of the Altai Republic, El Bashchy (spiritual leader) of the friendly Altai people.

The event was also attended by Oleg Y. Bondarenko, writer, author, editor, and coordinator of the project “New literature of Kyrgyzstan” – a multilingual digital library of works of Kyrgyz authors, the Internet address Executive Director of the Association of publishers and booksellers of Kyrgyzstan.

Natalia Ulanova, the school teacher of Nizhnechuysk village, the First Teacher 2015, shared her impressions of the premium 1-day excursions of schoolchildren to Bishkek. More precisely, she presented video with her small students shared their feedback after the trip prepared specially for this day. Elena Chernomazova, the host of the event, laureate of the Foundation Award, one of the winners of the contest of young medical scientists of Kyrgyz State Medical University (KSMA) named after I. Akhunbayev together with her colleague Jarkyn Otkeyeva, the winner of Young Scientist contest of KSMA 2015, spoke about their bright impressions from cultural and educational trip to Moscow.

Comments after the contest

Primary school teacher need the attention of society, and communications. The project should continue, and the format of the contest will be developed further. One possible novelty will be the bigger number of competitors in the second round – up to 7-10 people.

One of the most difficult moments in the organization of the competition is to transfer comprehensive information to teachers, especially in remote areas. Short ad in the newspaper does not allow us to provide teachers with the details, conditions of the contest. Unfortunately, teachers almost do not use the Internet. This is a very serious problem in the XXI century – the century of information.

There is the problem of plagiarism, which is seen by many as the norm…

Children read less than in previous times. And there is nothing to read, because the number of bookstores decreased, and the number of published books also goes down. Parents do little to teach children to read. Functional illiteracy is a big problem in the country.

Teachers and children have large unmet thirst for cultural experiences. 


Asel Daniyarova

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