The winner of the competition “FIRST TEACHER” of the 2022/23 academic year was Gyulyumkan Turganbaeva. The final of the competition and the awards ceremony took place on April 15, 2023. Read about it in the publication: “On the role of a village teacher…” Now I am sharing with you a photo story about the cultural and educational trip of the winner to Moscow, which the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation awards annually to the winner along with the cultural and educational trip of the students of the entire class of laureates to Bishkek.

Why exactly to Moscow? – one can ask. The fact is that Moscow, being a metropolis with almost a thousand years of history, has several hundred drama theaters with daily performances, a dozen opera and ballet theaters, and first-class ones, located in unique well-maintained buildings, as well as numerous concert venues, several circuses; a lot of art galleries, where world masterpieces are presented, countless parks with a large territory, architectural sights of past centuries, as well as excellent transport system and much more. In addition, in this city I have a spacious comfortable apartment with a rooftop picnic area, located right in the park. I live in it on short trips (because I live in Kyrgyzstan most of the time) and I can easily accommodate my guests. I hope that the laureates of the competition will get new impressions, borrow what they like, leaving “behind the scenes” what they do not like, and at the same time have a good, active rest.

06/22/2023 Arrival of the teacher Gyulyumkan Turganbayeva at Domodedovo airport in the evening at 21:05. Arrival by Aeroexpress to the city center, and then to the place of stay at the apartment on Khodynsky Boulevard.

06/23/2023 Friday DAY ONE

The weather turned out to be rainy, and the first thing we did was go to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. On the way we visited the Kropotkinskaya metro station. In the museum, we visited the Main Building, where the art of different countries of the world from ancient times is presented. We visited the art halls of ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt (my favorite hall, by the way), the Roman courtyard, the hall with sculptures by Michelangelo and others.

Leaving the museum, we went to the PATRIARSHIM bridge, visited the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside, which is a pity. The high vaults of the temple, frescoes on the walls, interior decoration impress any visitor.

We took a walk along the boulevard ring: Gogolevsky Boulevard, the original monument to Mikhail Sholokhov, sitting on a boat, behind which a sculptural group depicts the crossing of horses. Nikitsky Boulevard, Tverskoy Boulevard, Tverskaya Street, pedestrian Kamergersky Lane, Petrovka Street, went inside the Petrovsky Passage (a luxurious Trading House of 1903), went out to Strastnoy Boulevard.

The Moscow Musical Theater is located on Strastnoy Boulevard in the building of the former Pushkinsky cinema. At 19:00 we visited the MUSICAL. “Princess of the Circus” to the music of Imre Kalman.

06/24/2023 Saturday. SECOND DAY

In the morning we went to the TRETYAKOV GALLERY. Along the way, we examined the wonderful arches of the hall of the metro station – “MAYAKOVSKAYA”,

The Tretyakov Gallery is the largest collection of Russian fine art. Here we spent several hours.

Walk through the city center: Bolotnaya Square on the island between the Moscow River and the canal. Sculptural composition by Mikhail Shemyakin – “Children victims of adult vices”. We walked along the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge to the Borovitskaya Tower of the Kremlin and further along Mokhovaya Street past the largest library named after Lenin.

18:00 NIKULIN CIRCUS on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Performance called “Watercolor”

06/25/2023 Sunday. DAY THREE

Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh), a walk through the vast territory of the exhibition, the Friendship of Peoples fountain, the traditional question for Moscow guests – which of the 16 golden girls represents the Kyrgyz SSR, the Stone Flower fountain.

At VDNKh, Gyulyumkan met with relatives living in Moscow and spent time with them.

In the evening at 18:00 a performance based on the play “The Marriage of Figaro” by Pierre Beaumarchais at the MALY THEATRE.

06/26/2023 Monday. DAY FOUR

Breakfast on the roof of our 12-storey entrance. Here we have a landscaped lawn for picnics and a gazebo, views of the park “KHODYNSKOE FIELD” on the one hand and skyscrapers “CITY” on the other.

After breakfast – a walk in the park “KHODYNSKOE FIELD” and shopping in the shopping center AVIAPARK, located on the opposite side of the park

06/27/2023 Tuesday. DAY FIVE

Visit to RED Square. Unfortunately, through the turnstiles, since the entrance to the square is closed this week.

Visit to GUM on Red Square. GUM is a long, three-row shopping complex, built as the “Upper Trading Rows” in the 19th century with a glass ceiling, is an architectural monument. From GUM to Nikolskaya street, Lubyanka square, Staraya square, Ilyinka street. Opposite I am the side of Red Square – Vasilyevsky Spusk, where St. Basil’s Cathedral is located.

Nearby is the Zaryadye park with artificial hills covered with vegetation of all climatic zones of the Russian Federation, beautiful views of the Kremlin and its environs open from the hills. A FLOATING bridge, which actually floats in the sky, you cannot cross it to the opposite side of the Moskva River, it makes a bend in the air and returns back to Zaryadye Park, and the bridge railings are made of glass so that you can enjoy the views and take pictures .

Lunch at a restaurant in the park.

Walk: Moskvoretskaya embankment, Borovitskaya tower of the Kremlin, Pashkov’s house (on the UNESCO list as a monument of architecture), Vozdvizhenka street, tourist street Old Arbat, souvenir shops.

06/28/2023 Wednesday. DAY SIX

Visit to the Novodevichy Convent. Unfortunately, the buildings of the monastery are in the process of large-scale restoration, so we were not able to admire their beauty. Walk in the park around the pond near the walls of the monastery, the square is beautiful both in summer and winter.

Lunch at the Georgian restaurant “NIKO PIROSMANI” with magnificent views of the monastery and the pond.

At 14:00 Gyulyumkan met with half of her friends on Sparrow Hills.

In the evening at 19:00 – classical BALLET: “GISELLE” to the music of Adolf Adam at the Musical Theater named after K. STANISLAVSKY and V. NEMIROVICH-DANCHENKO