The first round of the 2021 contest has ended. Yes, 2021, I was not mistaken with the date. Just because of the restrictions associated with the pandemic, the schedule of our competition has changed, but we continue our competition, everything goes on as usual! It is time to get acquainted with the results of the first round! Who will compete in the second round for the prize, and who will will move from participants to the fans and observers?

I remind you that the teacher who took the first place receives two awards: the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award – a 10-day cultural and educational trip to Moscow, and a Special Prize of the Foundation – a cultural and educational excursion together with his entire class for the weekend to Bishkek. This Special Prize is also awarded to the teachers who took 2nd and 3rd places in the second round

This year, 100 teachers sent their essays to the first round of the competition as a whole. Finally 66 essays were selected after the checking for the absence of plagiarism and for compliance with the conditions of the competition set out in the REGULATIONS on the 2021 COMPETITION.

Participants liked very much the essay theme of the 2021 according to their feedback: “THE MODERN HOUSE OF CULTURE IN THE VILLAGE”. Many immediately thought about the fate and role of the House of Culture in their native village.

11 members of the jury participated in the examination of 66 essays, all of them are experts of the education system, and five of them are winners of previous contests “First Teacher”. You can read about our jury here: THE FACE OF THE COMPETITION is ITS JURY. 

As always, in our competition, the jury members received the essays in encoded form and did not have the opportunity to see the names, names, addresses and place of work of the participants. Each essay was checked by 7 members of the jury according to a 5-point system according to 6 criteria. Thus, the highest score a participant could get was 210 points (i.e. 7 x 5 x 6 = 210 points).

This year in our competition the highest result was 195 points out of 210 possible. In accordance with the terms of the competition, 6 participants who scored the highest points had to reach the final, but since several participants received an equal number of points, 8 people who scored from 189 to 195 points reached the final.

I must say that the overall score spread was not very large, so the distance between the finalists and those who did not make it to the finals is not very large. 

A few surprises:

  • Several participants had equal points at once
  • 4 finalists have participated in our contest from 1 to 5 times before!
  • 1 finalist has already been in the final
  • Two finalists are teachers of the same school – a secondary school named after Asana Sopieva S. Tasma of Tyupsky district of Issyk-Kul region!

We present our finalists of the first round of the competition:

1st place: 195 points

      teacher of school No. 5 named after Barktabas, Atay village, Toguz-Toro district, Jalal-Abad region

2 – 3 places with 193 points 
(In alphabetical order)

      teacher of the school named after Bedelbai Isaev of Tokbai-Talaa village, Kara-Kulja district, Osh region

      teacher named after Asana Sopieva of Tasma village of Tyup district of Issyk-Kul region. Participant of the 2020 contest

4-5 places, 191 points each 
(In alphabetical order)

      teacher of the school named after Suyunbek Atambekov of Kadyraly village, Aktalinsky district of Naryn region

     teacher of the secondary school named after Utur Kaliev, Cholpon village, Aksu district, Issyk-Kul region.
     Participant of the competition 2017, 2018 and 2020

6-7-8 places, 189 points each
In alphabetical order)

     teacher of the secondary school named after Asan Sopiev of Tasma village of Tyup district of Issyk-Kul region

      teacher of secondary school No.31 named after Y. Chanakov of Kyzyl Sengir village of the Suzak district of the Jalal-Abad region. Finalist of 2019.

     teacher of the secondary school “Oi-Tersken” in the village of Acha-Kayyndy of the At-Bashy district of the Naryn region. Participant of the competition 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

We sincerely congratulate the teachers on reaching the final of the first round and are waiting for an interesting competition of 8 teachers in the second round for three winners!

In general, out of 66 works, 12 were sent by participants who had previously participated in our competition, including one of the participants sent a work for the 6th time, and became a finalist!

As for the regional alignment, it is as follows:

Ysyk-Kol 20, Talas 18, Batken 8, Jalal-Abad 5, Naryn 5, Osh 5, Chuy 3

Of the 66 essays, 63 were written in Kyrgyz and 3 in Russian.

We are waiting for all participants – 66 teachers as participants and guests of the 2nd round and the Award Ceremony of the winners of the competition! All participants of the 1st round will be awarded certificates of participants. The preliminary date of the event is the first half of April 2022, on Saturday. The final date we will definitely announce on this site no later than two weeks in advance.

We publish the Program in advance, as always. Who will be the Guest of Honor of the 2nd round of the competition and the Award Ceremony this year?


Asel Daniyarova

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