We would like to share with you with the report on the event organized by the Foundation in November 2015.

In 2015 THE FIRST TEACHER contest the Foundation has established additional award for 3 teachers with the highest scores in the first round. In previous years only the winner of the competition, who took the 1st place, received the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award in the form of a 10-day cultural and educational trip to Moscow. Now, in addition to this Award, three of the winners, including the 1st place-winner, received the one-day cultural-educational tour to Bishkek city for their primary school students of the entire class as encouragement prize.

The idea proved to be successful!

Третьеклассники у памятника Курманжан Датка
Третьеклассники у памятника Курманжан Датка

The competition was attended by primary school teachers of RURAL SCHOOLS of Chui region. To our surprise the children of the villages of the Chui region, especially the juniors rarely come to Bishkek city. Many of them have never been in Bishkek, and those who were mostly saw the place where they bought school uniforms, and by this the visit to the capital was limited. These children did not know what means  “theater”, “drama”, “Opera”, “ballet”, they never saw the monuments, never had been to the museums. And now, thanks to the participation and winning of the contest by their beloved first teacher they got the opportunity to take a fascinating journey to the city of Bishkek!

The incentive prize competition 2015 got three classes from different villages:

  • 1st place winner of 2015 Natalia Ulanova won the award for the 3rd grade students of primary school of Nizhnechuysk village, Sokuluk district.
  • Laureate Nazgul Myrzabekova won the award for the 3rd grade students of Jumatayev school of Erkin-Say village, Panfilov district
  • Laureate Baktygul Abdrazakova came from the 8th grade of A.Kazakpayev school of Chym Korgon village of Kemin district. She was the teacher of this class the 1st to 4th grade, and then after their transition to the 5th left remained their class superviser.

Two groups of 3rd grade students had an excursion together in one day. The next day, 8th grade children visited Bishkek. The students arrived in Bishkek by the buses ordered for them accompanied by the representatives of the Foundation Salika Isayeva and Adinai Mambetakunova. Volunteer – the students of Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn joined upon arrival in Bishkek: Tabyldy Muratbekov, Jibek Sagymbaeva, Aliman Adamaliev, Ernis Chyrov.

Of course, the Foundation organized meals for the children during the day.

Already in the way representatives of the Foundation told the children about the city, about the monuments, discussed the terms related to the topic of theatres, museums, fine art, architecture and sculpture. This aroused the children’s interest, they actively participated in conversation, asked what they would see.

The tour program consisted of three complementary parts:

Нулевой километр. Далеко ли я живу?
Нулевой километр. Далеко ли я живу?

A walking tour of the city with monuments and sculptures.

The walk began at the Zero kilometer, near the cinema theater Ala Too. The children were talking about how far from this point is their native village. Children took pictures, took selfies, laughed. From the Zero kilometer the travelers proceeded to the monument to Kurmanjan Datka, and made there a group photo. The guys got acquainted with the Museum under the open sky, discussing the sculptural work and admired the flower beds in the form of swans.

Смена караула
Смена караула

The timing was designed so that children came to national flag on Ala Too square to the time of guards change. A beautiful ceremony didn’t leave children indifferent! Then they toured the monuments in Oak Park. Guides drew children’s attention to the fact that in Bishkek there are many monuments not only to military and government leaders, but to cultural figures: ballet dancers, poets, writers, musicians, artists of theatre and cinema. Unfortunately, in one day it was impossible to overview of all the monuments that we wanted to show.

The theatre

Спектакль театра Тунгуч
Спектакль театра Тунгуч

The third graders were shown the theatre Tunguch under the leadership of famous actress Jamal Seidahmatova, performance called “SIMUL” (Latin for “TOGETHER”). This is a play about importance of respect for the nature and animals. It was great that it was plastic (dancing) performance which allowed us to show it both to Kyrgyz class and to Russian speaking class. At the beginning Jamal Seidahmatova, the author of the play, presented its content in Kyrgyz, then in Russian. Aunt Jamal is a master in speaking with children, the children attentively listened to her, emotionally reacted to her words when she said that theatre is a celebration!

The show was great! The children watched breathlessly, and then applauded with the enthusiasm. What a great pleasure to see such response from the audience.

Принцесса Турандот -спектакль театра им А. Умуралиева
Принцесса Турандот -спектакль театра им А. Умуралиева

With equal success was the visit of the eighth graders from the village of Chym Korgon to the Bishkek city theatre named after Arsen Umuraliev. The play “Princess Turandot” directed by Parmanov, – cheerful, kind, with humor, colorful, with a beautiful play of light. In the theater auditorium the scene was close to the viewer, which enhanced the contact of the performers with the audience. The actors played clearly with pleasure.

It seems that many participants of the tours will remember this trip to the theatre and, hopefully, fall in love with theatre forever!

The historical Museum.

The children visited the Historical Museum accompanied by a professional tour guides for Russian classes – Russian language, Kyrgyz language – in Kyrgyz. The Museum has a lot of exhibits interesting and useful for children. Yes, both teachers, and members of the parent Committee learned something new from visiting the Museum. Children asked questions, and despite the tiredness by the end of the day, still had an interest in the exhibits and the story told by the guide.

In the evening the children returned home on the same buses.

Now, after the first experience of organizing the tour, the children – students of the Winners of THE FIRST TEACHER as encouragement prize, the Foundation intends to continue developing this idea in the next THE FIRST TEACHER contests.


Asel Daniyarova

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