Дети и родители собрались на Церемонию
Дети и родители собрались на Церемонию

The events described in textbooks reflect upon every family history. But are our children aware of who their grandfathers and great-grandfathers were; what role they played in the development of their region and country? What kind of person was grandpa, what did he do? How did he meet grandma? What were the foundations of society during their youth? What was happening then and what did they care about? What was the village like at that time? Who founded it? When and by whom was the house built where the family lives now? Who lived in it before? Where did the family live before? We suggested that the children find out the answers to these questions by asking their parents, grandparents, relatives and then describe their findings in essay that includes their family tree.

The competition was held in 2013, the awards Ceremony was held on August 24, 2014.

The goal of the contest:

  • To promote the interest of the children in their family history, their region and country
  • To collect history as presented by the inhabitants of the area.

The works were evaluated by a professional jury. The criteria were:

  • Completeness and consistency of theme coverage, the depth of research in time and cognitive value
  • Reliability of the presented history and documental validity of the story
  • Informal language, lively style
  • Author’s own work (not from books, newspapers, magazines, Internet; the work must be only author’s thoughts).

The contest was for the pupils of the senior classes and primary school classes. The award to each of 2 winners was a camera.  As the authors of the idea we had in mind that the students might be interested in making a family photo archive and photo galleries of mother nature.

The kids did great “homework”, real research! They managed to involve parents in active discussion. It should be noted that they also depicted their family trees with imagination: for example a bunch of grapes or as  the petals of a flower or on the background of real tree putting painted portraits of loved ones on top of the labels. You can see the pictures here. You can also see full text of the essays here.

Winners Award Ceremony

Айкан с дипломом вруках
Айкан с дипломом вруках

 When the results were evaluated, the Winners Awards Ceremony was organized, which, as we expected, was an interesting event and brought the joy for students, parents, teachers, and all the «fans». The ceremony was held at the school of “Bilimkana” in Shabdan village. Children came with their parents.

  • The winner among high school students was Aikan Imanalieva, a pupil of the school of Shabdan.
  • The winner among younger student was Adilet uulu Elhan, a pupil from school of Tarsuu.
Элхан получает Диплом победителя из рук Радика Таланта - победителя конкурса молодых ученых-медиков
Элхан получает Диплом победителя из рук Радика Таланта – победителя конкурса молодых ученых-медиков

The ceremony was led by the Director of the school “Bilimkana” Baktygul Kalmambetova, the winner of «The First Teacher» 2011 of Kemin district, which was organized by our Foundation. At the Ceremony  the presentation for parents and children was made by Kutpa Bakirovna Daniyarova-Oruzbaeva, public figure, the author of books about her loved ones from Kemin, who contributed a lot to the education in the country Bazarkul Daniyarov, Sanjarbek Daniyarov, Tolonbai Daniyarov , and memoirs. Musical greetings from students of Bilimkana» and the performance of the school singing-master Maksat Abdyldaev created an especially warm atmosphere in the auditorium. The Jury Chairman Mira Rasabekovna Mykyeva presented an analysis of the submitted works. Especially interesting was the presentation of the participants and winners of the competition, who, it should be noted, did not know in advance about their victory. Organizers also summarized the competition lessons. Each participant, who submitted the picture of family tree, was presented a poster with the pedigree of the author.


Артисты - муз коллектив школы Билимкана в с. Шабдан, где проводилось мероприятие
Артисты – муз коллектив школы Билимкана в с. Шабдан, где проводилось мероприятие

In general, the Ceremony showed that the work on the essay contributed to the communications of the family members on non-routine subjects, which was exactly what we wanted from the project.

We plan to keep in touch with our winners and to inform the site visitors about their future success.


Asel Daniyarova

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