The future elite of our medicine is the present students, clinical residents and postgraduate students. We would like to support our reserve for the future: active, passionate about the profession and research.

Данияров со студентами в лаборатории
Данияров со студентами в лаборатории

Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation established Award to a young physician-scientist: 10-day CULTURAL and EDUCATIONAL TRIP to Moscow, capital of Russia. This award is designed to expand the cultural horizons of young generation, to stimulate interest of students in research activities, to promote scientific work.

Rewards trip is organised as a holiday for the young scientist, a source of new impressions, positive emotions, providing food for the cultural development and expansion of horizons. Award winner lives in comfortable conditions in the apartment in the center of Moscow, and gets support and attention throughout the journey. Are there many students in Kyrgyzstan who have been travelling outside of the country? How many people were in the theater, ballet, Opera, a music concert, a circus performance? And how often they had chances to see the pieces of art in the famous art galleries? Taking a walk through the ancient streets? Visiting the large and famous parks? Seeing the architectural masterpieces of the past? Mingle with new people? To go to a jazz club, a restaurant, at last?

Travel experiences are radically different from the experiences of migrant workers who, unfortunately, see in the country the markets, “blighted” places, quite often communicate not with the most friendly and cultural layer of society. What is the “take away” to the home country? Our scientist, we think, carries back cultural and aesthetic experience, the satisfaction of friendliness and charge for work.

How can a young medical scientist become a Laureate of the Prize of the Foundation of Sanjarbek Daniyarov?

This Award if given to the winner of the Competition of young scientists of “Days of Science” organized by Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA). The best professionals in medical field have right to choose the winner. Jury determines the Winner in accordance with the rules of Competition as scheduled by the organizing Committee and the leadership of KSMA, without Foundation interference.

The conference “Days of science” of KSMA is the best event to select the young scientist for this award.

How the competition is organized?

Information for the participants of the young scientists competition is published  on the website of KSMA.

History Of The Project

This Award was given to the young scientist in 2012.

  • Winner 2012: Allan Abdiyev, post-graduate student of the surgical Department of KSMA
  • Winner 2013: Radik Talant, clinical Intern, micro surgeon
  • Winner 2014: Yuri Danilenko & 2nd place and special Prize winner – Elena Chernomazova
  • Winner 2015: Bolotkan uulu Nasyr, Postgraduate student of Department of orthopedics travmatologiia
  • Winner 2016: Jarkyn Otkeyeva, the KSMA student
  • Winner 2017: Taalaibek uulu Baiymbet, neurosurgeon
  • Winner 2018: Arstanbekova Mira, Internal Diseases department, Assistant professor

We wish continued success to all winners! The story continues! Stay tuned.

Photo reports from the trips of Laureates:


Trip Budget

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