Школьники читают
Schoolchildren reading

On Saturday, 5 September 2015, the teachers of elementary school of rural areas will tell us about their “FAVOURITE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN UP to 10 YEARS”, they will also ask each other the questions on the same topic and answer them. This will happen on the 2nd round of the contest “THE FIRST TEACHER” 2015 of Chui oblast of Kyrgyzstan. We will find out who will receive the grand prize of Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation – 10 day cultural and educational trip to Moscow!

Competing will be the winners of the first round, those who got the highest scores for the essay: “HOW TO HABITUATE CHILDREN TO READING IF THERE IS NO BOOKS AT THEIR HOMES”. The essay submissions deadline was on August 21, essays were forwarded to jury. Who reached the final will be known by September 1, 2015. All teachers who took part in the 2015 competition were invited to the second round as the fans and will get participant Certificate.

КГУ им И.Арабаева
Kyrgyz National University in the name of I.Arabayev

We invite you to listen to our teachers and to “cheer” for them in round 2 of the competition and the winner award ceremony. The event will take place at 10 am 05.09.2015 in the ASSEMBLY HALL of KYRGYZ STATE UNIVERSITY named after I. ARABAEV at the address:

Bishkek, 51 Razzakov Street

Come and support our participants, because they educate our future generation!


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