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Санжарбек бакирович Данияров, 1949 ж
Санжарбек бакирович Данияров, 1949 ж

Sanzharbek Bakirovich Daniyarov (1928-2011) – scientist-physiologist, professor, academician of the NAS of Kyrgyzstan, who headed the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute (now Kyrgyz State Medical Academy) and the Department of normal physiology for many years.

DANIYAROV’s biography is not his personal biography only. It is a biography of time, biography of formation of medical science, medical education and health care and the development of the science of physiology in Kyrgyz Republic. DANIYAROV’s life is the example of selfless service to people.

S.B.DANIYAROV was a highly educated scientist, who made a significant contribution to the development of physiology and radiobiology. He made a various research, mainly on human and animal physiology, and the fundamental results obtained have not only theoretical, but also significant practical importance. The scientist devoted himself not only to the development of physiological science and mountain radiobiology, but also raised a scientific school of psychologists, and radiobiologists in the country.

Significant contribution S.B.Daniyarov made to the development of highly-qualified physicians and medical scientists and medical pedagogical staff.

Education of medical professionals

For over 26 years (9 years as vice-rector and 17 years as rector) S.B.DANIYAROV successfully combined serious scientific work with the noble task of developing specialists for the country’s health care system.

S.B.DANIYAROV with great enthusiasm worked as Deputy Dean of medical faculty, and from 1962 to 1971 – Vice-rector of Kyrgyz State Medical Institute (KGMI) for academic affairs. Professional competence, the talent of administrator, organizational skills led to appointment in 1971 to the position of Rector of KGMI, which he held until 1988. During this time, thanks to his energy, thirst for the scientific novelty, the innovative advanced methodology of teaching medical students were introduced to the education process, new for that time forms of education were implemented, such as psychological examination of students for individualized approach to their development.

S.B.DANIYAROV paid special attention to the aesthetic and cultural aspects of education of young employees and students. On his initiative and with the active participation of the an associate Professor Degtyarev B.N. the new discipline of course of pedagogics and medical psychology was introduced to the Institute, rarely used in the program of other medical schools. The fundamental principles introduced to the study program at that time allowed setting the bar high for the professional education. They were in three areas: first – in the enhancement of getting knowledge and skills of specialists, second – in identity formation and development of creative abilities, and the third was aimed at the development of independent thinking of the future scientist or physician.

S.B.DANIYAROV personally supervised schools-seminars for young teachers, post-graduates and research workers of the Institute. He invited the famous scientists from leading medical institutions of Moscow and Leningrad, the international affairs specialists, political leaders, members of the government, and prominent representatives of art, literature and culture to read the lectures at these seminars. All this helped to keep the level of medical professionals development up to the highest standards of time.

Many efforts S.B.DANIYAROV put to the improvement of KGMI facilities that led to the construction of two Institute buildings, five modern student hostels, students’ cafeteria for 250 seats and to design 1000-bed clinic. During his tenure as rector of KGMI the institute released about 16 thousand physicians, issued 35 doctoral and more than 300 PhD dissertations.

Scientific activity

Long-term experimental studies of reactions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to acute radiation exposure allowed S.B.DANIYAROV to discover General biological body’s defense mechanisms in the development of radiation disease, these studies culminated in the successful defense of the doctoral thesis in 1970 at the Military-Medical Academy of Sciences., Kirov (Leningrad), and later in the capital monograph “Radiation disease and cardiovascular system”.

In these work, special attention was paid to the analysis of mechanisms of regulation of blood circulation system. Completing many thin, laborious experiments, using a variety of scientific techniques in acute and chronic experiments and applying a variety of functional and pharmacological load, the author had set up the power phase changes of activity functions in irradiated animals, having opened a number of new laws governing adaptation reactions of the circulatory system under irradiation. Based on extensive experimental material S.B.Daniyarov managed to prove the existence of dependence between the changes in reflex regulation of the cardiovascular system and disorders of the central parts of the regulation of circulation and respiration, largely responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis. The author also found that under gamma irradiation there is a relative decrease of tone of nervus vagus centers and increase of tonic effects of the sympatic nervous system on the heart and blood vessels. Experiments with dosed loads revealed the inadequacies of compensatory-adaptive reactions of blood circulation apparatus in animals with radiation sickness that manifests itself even in periods of relative “clinical well-being”.

S.B.DANIYAROV idea that in acute radiation adaptive reactions of the cardiovascular system are due to the increased activity of the sympatic-adrenal system, that reflects the General biological regulation of the defense mechanisms in the development of the pathological process, also worth noting.

The next stage of his scientific research in the field of radiobiology was connected with the study of the combined effect of ionizing radiation and high mountains on the body, which opened the way to developing the new approaches to finding solutions to the problem of treatment and prevention of radiation sickness.

The results of the various experiments from the very beginning revealed that the stay in the mountains significantly changes radiosensitivity of the body, giving relief to the course of radiation disorder and its outcome.

Third, and perhaps most wide field of scientific activities of S.B.DANIYAROV was devoted to fundamental physiological issues of mountain adaptation: the mechanisms of adaptive reactions of the cardiovascular system, the contractile function of heart and vascular tone, changes of the vegetative nervous system and others.

S.B.DANIYAROV and his students received new original data on reconstruction of the myocardium contractile function that changes the tone of autonomic cardiac centers and other functional changes in animals having adapted to the highlands. The results of these studies lay the basis for proposing a new concept about the “mountain vagotonia” and the role of the sympatic nervous system in the formation of adaptation to the complex mountain factors.

S.B.DANIYAROV was the first to carry out in the high altitudes conditions the concurrent study of resistive and capacitive parts of the vascular vessels, and to define their reactivity to vasoactive substances. He received the new data on the role of capacitive and resistive vessels in the redistribution of blood flow in the body and maintenance of systemic blood pressure in the process of high altitude adaptation.

Under the scientific guidance of S.B.DANIYAROV for the first time in the practice of mountain research the method of electroencephalography was widely used with a number of functional loads and with automatic processing of bioelectric signals to study the functional state of the human brain. As results the specifics of electroencephalograms of indigenous mountaineers and individuals temporarily getting adapted to conditions of high mountains. The research results served as a basis to establish normative data for bioelectric brain activity of indigenous and temporary residents of the highlands and introduced into practice of medical examination of flight personnel and patients coming from different regions of the republic in neurological hospitals.

Research conducted by the researchers under S.B.DANIYAROV’s guidance has shown that adaptive reactions of gas-transport system of people working in in shifts differ from those of the people who are getting adapted to conditions of high-mountainous climate for the first time and for long period. For these studies S.B.Daniyarov together with the hygienist O.T. Kasymov and clinicians SM Kudaiberdieva, N.N. Brimkulov, A. Sarybayev and A.A. Aldashev in 1996 was awarded the high title of laureate of State Award of Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and technology.

The interested reader can get acquainted with the results of research of S.B.DANIYAROV and his staff in the monographs: “The Highlands and the vegetative nervous system”, “The work of heart”, “The work of heart in the highlands conditions”, some sections of the academic “Physiology” textbook and in the textbook on physiology for students (1994), produced in collaboration with colleagues from Russia and other CIS countries, not to mention the numerous scientific papers. D.B DANIYAROV is the author of more than 260 scientific works, including 7 monographs, tens of methodical manuals and co-author of the textbook of physiology for universities of the CIS, the bibliography is placed into the corresponding section of this site.

In addition, S.B.DANIYAROV together with A.A.Ashirbayev translated from Russian into Kyrgyz language the book about the human body for children “About yourself”  by A.A.Dorokhov (“Сенин өзүн жөнүндө “).

S.B.Daniyarov got 2 author certificates issued by the USSR state Committee on Affairs of inventions and discoveries. The spirograph for small laboratory animals created together with his disciples was awarded a diploma of the USSR National exhibition of Achievements (VDNH) and was transferred to Kazan factory of medical instruments, 20 requests for its description received from scientists.

For the extensive radiobiological research in new area, the development of various aspects of highland adaptation in 1979 S.B.DANIYAROV was elected a member-correspondent of the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz SSR, and in 1989 – the member of Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan.

Public activity

Broad and multifaceted were social activities of Sanjarbek Bakirovich. He was a people’s assessor of the Supreme Court of the USSR, headed the Sobriety Society in time of perestroika, and after the emergence of Kyrgyz Republic he was a member of the Electoral Committee.

S.B.DANIYAROV publications in media you can see on the page Daniyarov in the media.



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