Gyuzel Aitmatova donated her graphic works to the Foundation. This contribution will help the Foundation to continue projects, develop them further and expand activities in the humanitarian sphere.

Gyuzel is a Daniyarov family member, the sister of the founder and Director of the Foundation.

You can take a look at the donated drawings here: PHOTO ALBUM.

All graphics presented to the Foundation made with ink and pen. The author works in different techniques, but clearly prefers the pen and ink drawing. Gyuzel often plays with the same subjects, moods, and sometimes unexpectedly introduces a completely new topic. Her graphics are thin, airy, and a little ironic, the proportions are harmonious. The drawing manner is easily recognizable and characterized by individual style. Gyuzel participated in several exhibitions in Europe and her works are in private collections. These works are equally appropriate on the wall in the office, institution, in the living room.

Gyuzel draws from childhood. She considered drawing a hobby I the youth time. Gyuzel received an excellent medical education. Graduated from 2nd Moscow Medical Institute in the name of N.I.Pirogov (now the Russian State Medical University RSMU), majoring in biochemistry. She successfully defended her thesis and presented research work in immunology in 1983, and then this area of medicine has been at the forefront of medical science. Then she changed her job to the one in the field of medical insurance, and then chose to leave, to dedicate herself to her favorite work – painting.

Currently, the author resides outside of Kyrgyzstan, and do not lose link to her homeland often visiting Bishkek.

Works given by Gyuzel to the Foundation you can get by two ways:

  1. Buy from the Foundation. The money will be invested in the projects of the Foundation. At your preference, you can specify project of the Foundation to be financed from this money, or you can leave the choice to us. We will definitely keep you informed on actual spending of this money.Our special price for 1 drawing (with a passe-partout and a baguette and delivery to anywhere in the world where it can be delivered from the Kyrgyz Republic) is 15,000 soms or the equivalent in other currencies. Current exchange rates – here: акчабар
  2. Get it as a gift. Such a gift will be awarded to the friends of the Foundation (individuals and organizations) that make the material contribution, monetary and not monetary, to support the Foundation projects.

To do this, write us an email: or via WhatsApp +996 707 783295 Asel Daniyarova. For messages only

Guzel Aitmatova’s illustrations for Gulnara Nurkulova’s book “Tursun”

Asel Daniyarova

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