This letter Foundation received from ELINA LIM, the teacher of initial classes of secondary school named after V. I. Lenin,  Lenin village of Alamudun district of Kyrgyzstan after her trip to Moscow. Elina Lim is the winner of the competition FIRST TEACHER 2014. The trip took place in September 2014.

Элина Ивановна Лим во время 2 тура конкурса ПЕРВЫЙ УЧИТЕЛЬ 2014

I saw the small announcement about the contest held by the Foundation of Sanjarbek Daniyarov “the First Teacher 2014” in one of April 2014 issues of the newspaper “Delo №”. The contest conditions were doable: after all, I had been working at school and preschool institutions for 29 years had accumulated enough experience with children.

Winning the First round, I started preparing for the Second, but I had doubts whether I could become the winner? Living in Kyrgyzstan, I thought it was very likely the 1st place to be taken by the representative of title nation. It turned out the jury was impartial, honest and objective, and I won the contest.

My joy knew no bounds! I never was in Moscow. I could not believe that I would be be able to see the Red square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre.

But all of this came true, came true!

I was flying by comfortable airplane, and in Sheremetyevo airport, I was metby  Asel Sanjarbekovna. This amazing person is very much concerned about our future, the future of the country, children. She believes that it depends on us rural teachers, what the younger generation will be like, what values we implant to them, what will be their inner world. She is very knowledgeable in different areas: well versed in painting, music, literature. To my great shame, I felt so ignorant, uneducated, that, being in Moscow, tried to see, to remember, to absorb.

Where all my illnesses gone! While being at home in my village I did not walk even one bus stop distance and  here in Moscow I then walked 6-8 kilometers a day like I got my second wind.

I walked along narrow streets of old Moscow with familiar names: Old Arbat, Neglinnaya, Tverskaya and Kamergersky lane and pictured on these cobbled streets Chekhov, Pushkin, Tolstoy. walking slowly…

I wanted to see the Red square. No wonder it was called red – beautiful. Tall walls, gilded dome, the bright colors of St. Basil’s Cathedral. One enters the Cathedral, and feel like getting into the distant past: icons, iconostases, ancient mural. Even the smell of its own.

Near the Red square, Alexander garden: the bright lawns, an unusual mosaic of flowers, trees bizarre shapes.

Very memorable trip along the Moscow river on a comfortable motor ship “Radisson”. Such beauty opens on both sides of the river! Luzhniki stadium, the Kremlin, the government House, Novodevichy convent.

Never thought I’d be in the Tretyakov gallery and see the original of “Three heroes”, “Alenushka”, “Unknown”, “Moonlit night on the Dnieper”. Wonder how brush and paints to convey feelings and moods of people and nature.

On the same day I was in the theater “New Opera”. At the concert “Strauss Waltzes”. What a pleasure classical music can deliver! Within 2 hours could not tear myself away from the scene. Great soloists, the music is extraordinarily beautiful. The audience did not let artists go.

In the P.I.Tchaikovsky concert hall for the ballet of Igor Moiseyev! This is awesome! Very beautiful dancing, gorgeous costumes. Dance with such ease and their movements are so sharp – real professionals.

Walking close to Mosfilm studio, I was pleasantly surprised seeing on a huge stand not only portraits of stars Alentova, Abdulov, Tikhonov but also portraits of my favourite actors – Yevgeny Mironov, Chulpan Khamatova. I made photograph with Yevgeny Leonov’s monument picturing the episode from famous comedy.

I as the Novodevichy convent, and on the Patriarch ponds. Called for the Ryabushinsky house, where Maxim Gorky lived his last years. The decor is very modest, only what was necessary. In the same yard – Museum of A. N. Tolstoy.

Yeliseyevsky grocery store was like a Museum. Interior is very beautiful, on the walls reproductions of paintings by famous artists.

Was in the lobby of the hotel “Ukraine”. Inside it is very nice: bright marble floors, comfortable chairs, sculptures of the Soviet period. A very interesting panorama of the layout of Moscow. An exact copy of the city. Spread before the eyes the Kremlin, Moscow river, Bolshoi theatre. Easy to recognized the Alexander garden, the White house, the St. Basil’s Cathedral.

I saw the monument by Shemyakin, which he presented to Moscow: “Children – victims of adult vices”: Indifference, Sadism, Poverty, Addiction, Gluttony…

Cute ducks in the alley near the Novodevichy convent – a gift to Barbara Bush to the children of Moscow.

For the first time I visited Georgian restaurant – “Pirosmani”. This artist wrote still-lifes, designed the signs. It turns out, was the prototype of the artist of Alla Pugacheva famous song who fell in love with the actress and gave to his beloved a million scarlet roses. Among the visitors of this restaurant were bill Clinton, Pugacheva, Richard Gere, S. Mikhalkov and others. And I was sitting on the chair on which the Prime Minister of Switzerland was seated in 2004.

In the Theater of Satire watched “The Taming of the Shrew” by W. Shakespeare. Very bright, stunning show. The actors are just wonderful! So many years ago Shakespeare wrote his plays, and the problems were the same as now.

And the Bolshoi theatre is fantastic! Probably so named not only because of its size and because here, on the stage artists of the big skill. The hall is very beautiful: high painted ceilings, huge chandeliers that mimic the thousands of candles. Watched “Boris Godunov.” This is awesome! The acting is mesmerizing.

Very much I saw in the Armoury Museum of Kremlin: I saw the attributes of Royal power, the objects of everyday life of people, clothes of kings and commoners.

And the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts displays different eras, starting from ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures to the present. Sculptures, gold and silver jewelry, amphorae, sarcophagi… Many of the exhibits were created before our era, but strike us with accuracy and elegance of form.

Modern ballet was presented by the Italian choreographer Francesco Ventriglia “FORTUNA VIS RAY”. A very beautiful performance. Fascinate with light, fluid movements of the actors, flexibility, expressive gestures.

Very cool in the Moscow zoo! Animals kept in excellent conditions. The polar bear even this mountain of snow. This year the zoo celebrated its 150 years.

These 10 days passed like a moment. Even could not think that someday will make this trip, will visit as many theatres, museums, meeting so many interesting people.

I am very grateful to the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation and Asel Sanjarbekovna for what gave me such happiness. This trip is the most bright and memorable event of my life. I feel some kind of elation: I want to give my children as much as possible, to go with them to theatres, museums. I was already with the guys in the circus, in the Zoological Museum. Going to visit the Drama theater, the puppet theater.

I wish the teachers to try themselves in this contest. The conditions of competition are associated with our everyday work, and there is a real opportunity to become a winner.

To Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation prosperity and world recognition!


Elina Lim

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