Baktygul Kalmambetova, the first winner of “THE FIRST TEACHER” contest, the first Daniyarov Foundation laureate, Director of the school of Bilimkana in Shabdan village, Kemin district, the English teacher and primary school teacher. This story was written by the author and published in 2012 in the teachers’ newspaper “KUTBILIM”

Бактыгуль во время выступления на Церемонии 2013 года

It may seem immodest, but I always proudly say: “I am the first winner of the contest “the First teacher”, organized by Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation”. Now, after some time, I recollect those days with warmth of heart.

I worked as a teacher in the Shabdan village school, Kemin district, when I first heard about the contest. Of course, somewhere deep down I wanted to win and go to Moscow. But I was tormented by doubts: will I be able to prepare well, can I adequately present in front of the jury. In short, I was afraid to lose face in front of the staff of the school, my friends, and my family. I lacked self-confidence, and at some point I decided not to participate in the competition, and just continue to work quietly. Thanks to the school administration, in particular, Otorbaeva Gulbayra Mambetovna because she supported me and convinced me to take the risk. And I have never regretted it.

The competition was well organized; everything was worked out in detail: assignments, assessment criteria, jury, conditions, and location. So for me the process of preparation for the competition was very interesting and exciting. Then for the first time on the personal experience I learned what Internet is and for the first time prepared a presentation in Power Point.

When I write about it, I feel pleasure recalling the exciting moments before the start of the competition, a friendly atmosphere, presentations, answers to questions the jury members and guests. All participants were well prepared, and everyone had the desire to win. My joy knew no bounds when I learnt that I became the winner and owner of a trip to Moscow.

The trip to Moscow.

Перед Фонтаном Дружбы на фоне скульптуры кыргызской девушки
Перед Фонтаном Дружбы на фоне скульптуры кыргызской девушки

In Moscow I spent 10 unforgettable, enjoyable, and interesting and saturated with impressions days. Asel Sanjarbekovna with her husband met me at the airport, and then my first acquaintance with the capital of Russia began. The first day of the stay the weather was rainy, it was cool. But for the next 9 days was wonderful: blue sky, bright sun, even the weather favored me.

What made my trip so pleasant; it is because I met very interesting people. With Asel Sanjarbekovna and her husband Vladimir. Every evening we sat at a round table in a welcoming home and talked a long time on various topics.

What made my trip so interesting; it is because every day I visited the sights of the capital: museums, theaters, parks, the zoo, the planetarium, and exhibition. I wanted to visit more places and learn more new things.

What made my trip so rich, it is because there were a huge number of impressions from meeting new people, from visiting world famous museums, from visiting Moscow circus. I first went to the ballet “the Nutcracker”, which I watched with bated breath from beginning to end.

Here, perhaps, the word “first” repeated too often, but it is true – everything really was new and interesting. Thank you very much Daniyarova Asel Sanjarbekovna for organizing this competition. Due to my participation I was able to overcome a feeling of self-doubt. Thanks to the contest in my professional career has been a very big change. After the contest, “the First teacher” I took part in the Republican competition “teacher of the year 2011” and won a prize.

One of the tasks of the competition was to prepare a presentation of “School of my dreams.” During the preparation for this assignment I really wanted to work at such a school. And, maybe most importantly, my dream has come true. At this time, thanks to the Foundation of Sanjarbek Daniyarov, I work at the school of my dreams at the school of Public Public Foundation Bilimkana in Shabdan Ata village of Kemin district.

With all my heart I want to thank Asel Sanjarbekovna for her contribution to the development of the education system of Kyrgyzstan. I can confidently say that every teacher after participating in the contest organized by the Daniyarov Foundation, will change work attitude to the better, change outlook, enrich her or his knowledge, meet new people, share experiences and gain a lot of useful information. I wish the Foundation Sanjarbek Daniyarov success in all initiatives and all projects.



Baktygul Kalmambetova

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