The FIRST TEACHER means the teacher of primary school. The FIRST TEACHER means the BEST TEACHER. The FIRST TEACHER means DYISHEN of the story by Chyngyz Aitmatov “The First Teacher”.

We would like to say to our teachers:

“Dear FIRST TEACHER! Please, do not leave your school! Do not cease to be the FIRST TEACHER. We need you badly, both children and adults. Everyone in one’s life needs the FIRST TEACHER. The real FIRST TEACHER. We, your disciples, with full responsibility declare that you are an important part of our lives, and we can not do it without you. What we should do to ensure that your ranks are not thinned?”

Here with these words in mind we designed our project. Its essence is that the teacher of initial classes of rural school gets the opportunity of a 10-DAY CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRIP to one of the world centers of arts and culture offering its guests wide range of theaters, museums galleries and other cultural attractions. Currently we organize trip to Moscow, capital of Russia. The teacher lives in comfortable conditions in the apartment in the center of the city, and gets full attention throughout the journey.

This trip in the framework of the project “the First Teacher” is organized as a holiday for teachers, giving positive emotions and food for cultural development, new experiences. How many rural teachers traveled outside of the country? How many people were in the theater, ballet and Opera, world-class music concert, a circus performance? And how often they are able to see the best works of art in the famous art galleries? Take a walk through the ancient streets? Visit the large and famous parks? To see the manor architecture of the past? Mingle with new people? To go to a jazz club, a restaurant, at last?

Impressions of the First Teachers from this trip radically different from the experiences of migrant workers who, unfortunately, see in the visited country mainly markets, often “seedy” places, not often communicate with the friendly and cultural layer of society. What is their “takeaway” to their own country? Our teacher, as we think, carries back a sense of being needed, cultural and aesthetic experience, the satisfaction of friendliness and charge for work.

And that’s not all that our contest presents to the Teacher.

In addition to this 10-days trip, the winner and the second and third place winners receive another unusual award. Teachers along with all students of their class participate in a weekend trip (from Friday evening till end of Sunday) cultural and educational trip to the city of Bishkek. Children attend performance in the theater in the center of Bishkek, make a tour of the monuments of the capital, visit museum with the guided tour. As it turned out, majority of the children for the first time get chance to see the sights of Bishkek city, get acquainted with sculpture; learn about ballet, Opera and drama and also Puppet theater. This award has positive “side effect” of raising further the teacher reputation in the eyes of local community.

The JURY OF THE CONTEST consists of professionals of the education system.

Here, “THE FIRST TEACHER CONTEST” is organized in order to choose the rural primary school teacher for 10-days CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRIP AWARD and the primary school students to visit the sights of Bishkek within the framework of 1-DAY CILDREN CULTURAL TRIP TO BISHKEK.

The Foundation cannot yet organize such a trip for all teachers we want, but we can do it every year!

What is the structure of this contest?

The competition consists of 2 stages. Any willing primary school teacher of rural school can participate in the first round, writing an essay on a given topic. The winners of the first round take part in the second round. All other participants are invited as guests and fans.

Details of requirements can be read in “the Provision on competition … the FIRST TEACHER of the year”. HERE ON our SITE PUBLISHED the LATEST “RULES OF THE CONTEST … YEAR” and all application forms for the participant.

The budget is published on the page PROJECT BUDGETS: for the holding the contest,  for the First Award to the Winner of 10-day trip and Encouragement Award of 1-day schoolchildren trip of three classes.

How the contest is organized?

We start our program only after “THE FIRST TEACHER” contest approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. The principle of our Foundation: and act only with official permission from government institutions. We are against religious or any other propaganda.

The choice to choose the best we give to professionals only. Our JURY panel consists of experts from the education system: experienced teachers, representatives of academic institutions and the Ministry of education and science, professional writers, in total about 8-10 people. They evaluate works in accordance with the preset criteria. In the first round the jury gets participants essays coded with no names, no addresses no school information.

History of the Project

The first Contest “the First Teacher” was organized in 2011. Competitions 2011 and 2013 were conducted among primary school teachers of rural schools in Kemin district, Chui oblast. The coverage was limited by the territory of the district due to our capabilities. We, of course, wanted to expand the geography of the competition. In 2014 and 2015, the contest was held among the teachers of Chui oblast. Now, from 2016 the competition is held in the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan.

And the contest history continues!

If you wish to participate in organizing it as a volunteer, please let us know by e-mail. VOLUNTEERS ARE INVITED.

If you are interested just come and “cheer” for the contestants, stay tuned for our announcements about the time and venue of round 2 and the awarding Ceremony of the winner. It will be interesting!


Asel Daniyarova

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