Айгуль - цветок, который расцветает каждый год в апреле в Баткене. Эндемичный, уникальный красивый
Aigul flower, which blooms every year in April in Batken. Endemic, unique and beautiful

Friends of the FOUNDATION — those who wish to support projects and initiatives of the Foundation by material contribution. Our Foundation is philanthropic; therefore, financial support of the Foundation is a selfless thing.

I thought, what could be a symbol of our FRIENDS’ and VOLUNTEERS’ selfless activities? The flower Aigul! Blooms every year in our beautiful mountains, pleases the eye with its picturesque bright cheerful color, originality and naturalness and uniqueness.

If you wish to become our friend and support the projects of the Foundation please take into account the following important points:

A MATERIAL CONTRIBUTION is not just money. We will be happy to get material support of our projects in a different form, for example, if you:

  • Provide the Foundation premises on 1-2 work places in your office
  • Provide us with any necessary service, for example, give a bus for the audience of the projects, say, for the teachers or for students
  • Provide projects participants with the accommodation during the event, say with the place in a students’ dormitory. For example, during the FIRST TEACHER contest we invite teachers from remote regions to Bishkek. We also invite kids from remote villages to the capital Bishkek
  • Perform a play for children if you are a creative group or its member.
  • Help us with oral or written translation of books and documents
  • Give us a multimedia projector (perhaps you buy new one for yourself, and we get the one used, but in good condition) for presentations during events, the movie theater in the framework of the project, for example or scanner, other office equipment.
  • And so on…

MONETARY CONTRIBUTION can be made to support the activities of the Foundation in General or to help with the specific project.

Estimated budget of the projects placed in the bottom field of this website on the page PROJECT BUDGETS under the heading INFORMATION. BANK DETAILS of the FOUNDATION placed in the same section.

The Foundation is financed from the personal funds of the founder. Material support from the additional resources will help to improve the organization of projects and increase the scale of activity…

Паломничество на гору в пору цветения Айгуль
A pilgrimage to the mountain at the time of flowering Aigul. Photo by V. Ushakov

Volunteers are the people without whom our Foundation would not be able to implement its projects! What inspires people to take part in the Foundation’s initiatives? Obviously, voluntary participation is driven by the fact that they share ideas of projects and have strong intention to make a PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION in word and deed to the maintenance, preservation or even improvement of our “environment”.

I hope that participation in philanthropic projects gives Foundation Volunteers, joy and moral satisfaction.

We invite you to participate in our projects – those already implemented and those still planned! Read about our projects in section “PROJECTS” on this website and write to us. It can be a variety of things, depending on your preference: work with project documents, translations, or information collection, it can be working with people, for example, organizing events, and maybe just taking pictures in the course of the project, helping with children during the trip and much more. It is important to pick up the project you like.


LAUREATES – those who won the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award:

  • Teachers – winners (1st place) of the annual contest the FIRST TEACHER. The teachers, who took the 1, 2, 3 place.
  • Students, clinical residents and graduate students – winners of the annual contest of young scientists in the framework of DAYS of SCIENCE of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
  • School students, the winners of the “History of my family” contest.
  • Those who will become the Sanjarbek Daniyarov Foundation Award winners in the future

The LAUREATES of the FOUNDATION — those for whom our Foundation works. Of course, not only for them, but our LAUREATES feel the results of the work of the Foundation directly and obviously.


Asel Daniyarova

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